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Please note: PRA is in a transition year for 2011, please bear with us as we work to make changes! 

Serving Families And Individuals Through Horses, Hospitality, The Creative Arts, And By Sharing The Hope Of The Gospel!

PRA Horses is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides equine family services focused on the whole family. For families who cannot afford our services otherwise, we provide them at no charge.  We serve families in need of support and encouragement, including families and individuals with special needs, such as Down's Syndrome, Autism, abuse victims, families struggling from life choice issues, with afflictions and recover issues from diseases like cancer, those who are hurting, those needing healing, and others. Please see our "Family Services" page for more details.

PRA relies heavily upon your generous support and donations to provide services to families that need them, who can not otherwise afford them.  


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